Product Knowledge


Packaging box is the clothes of a product. People need clothes to dress up and beautiful clothes can make one more elegance. Delicate cosmetics also need a suitable cosmetic packaging box to match it. When girls are shopping cosmetics products, a nice packaging box would be very important to catch their eye. So cosmetic packaging box must be eye-catching and useful.

A packaging designer must know very well of aesthetic principles, he need to know the aesthetic rules and ensure his design following social beauty, popular beauty and times beauty. Structure analysis if the soul of design, analysis means designer need to think before designing, he need to think of everything including user, function, material, technique process and etc.. Through analysis to confirm design intent and nurture artistic image. Having a clear mind and an intention to write first is the only way to write a successful chapter. Then what need to consider for a successful cosmetic packaging box?

Color. With the social development, the marketing competition is becoming more and more fierce, advertisement thus become more and more important, and color in advisement is very important. The blur color can only have negative impact for cosmetic packaging box, so need to pay attention to the using of big color. For example, the Coca-cola packaging image has become an international language, the bright red and clean white has produced strong marketing effect.

Box type. Box type means the shape of the box, normally have top and bottom box, drawer box, magnetic box, irregular box… The box type at first must be practical, then must can satisfy customer needs in every aspect. Generally, the higher value of the products, the more complicated the cosmetic packaging box. Need to choose the box type based on different levels.

Structure. Designer need to make sure the box structure is strong and rigid enough. The cosmetic packaging box factory need to consider at least two things. First, protect products is the main function; second, need to make sure the structure can be easily produced and can save shipping cost.

Process. Process for the packaging box is like drawing eyes for the dragon. A suitable process can attract customers’ eye and stimulate consumption. The main process generally include gold stamping, silver stamping, UV, embossing, flocking and etc.