Mailer Bags

Environmental protection has become an important trend of global development.

KreePack is also actively exploring green transformation, and has given out its own solutions timely.

At the early beginning of 2021, KreePack launched three new products – Kraft Corrugated Padded Mailer, Kraft Honeycomb Wrap and PLA full bio-degradable mailer. Now, KreePack continues to actively explore and launched new environmental protection product — Kraft Honeycomb Padded Mailer.

The outer and inner bags of the mailers are all made from kraft paper, which can be degraded rapidly and naturally without burying and composting, thus reducing the harm to the environment from the beginning.

Moreover, this honeycomb mailer can not only transport clothes, socks, gloves and so on, but can also be used for packaging books, decorations, USB, adaptors, bracelets, tape recorders, refrigerator stickers, network cables, cosmetics etc.

The Kraft Honeycomb Padded Mailer can not only replace non-degradable plastic bags, but can also replace some cartons, which is not only environmentally friendly but also saves transportation costs.

Due to the strong welcome of customers, the honeycomb padded mailer has received orders from customers in the researching and developing stage, which fully shows customers’ recognition of KreePack and gives KreePack the impetus to actively explore environmental protection products.

As a member of the packaging industry, KreePack has responsibility to continuously upgrade environmental protection materials through technological innovation, and gradually reduce the proportion of non-degradable materials in our products.

In the future, KreePack will continue to explore more possibilities for environmental protection packaging.